Welcome to Elsa Macleod Kindergarten

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Elsa Macleod Kindergarten was established in 1962.  The then Mayor of Portland’s wife, Elsa Macleod, established a playgroup, which eventuated in the kindergarten we have today.

Elsa Macleod Kindergarten Inc. is a not for profit kindergarten, that is run by a Committee of Management made up of parents.

Elsa Macleod Kindergarten employs a Director, an Activity Group Leader (3 year old), and three Diploma in Childcare Assistants.

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday, 8:15am-4:30pm


2017 Term Dates:

Term 1: 31st Jan – 31st March

Term 2: 18th Apr – 30th Jun

Term 3: 17th Jul-22nd Sept

Term 4: 9th Oct-15th Dec


Green Group: Monday: 8.45-11.45am (3-year old activity group)

Blue Group:   Tuesday & Thursday:  8.30am – 4pm (4 year old kinder)

Red Group:   Wednesday & Friday:  8.30am – 4pm (4 year old kinder)


Contact Us

60 Henty Street, Portland, Victoria, 3305, Australia

Telephone-03 55232680

Fax-03 55232680