I am interested in sending my child to your kinder, can I come and have a look?

Yes, all you need to do is give us a ring on 55232680 and we can organise a time for you (and your child) to have a look around and have a chat with the Director.


What is your enrolment process?

When you come and have a look at the kinder you will be given an enrolment application form.  You will need to fill in your child’s details and which group you would prefer.  You will also be required to pay a $25 enrolment fee (which is not refundable).  In August you will be sent a letter of offer, and a more detailed enrolment form, which you need to return to confirm your child’s spot for the following year.


The kinder session goes from 8.30am-4pm, does my child have to attend for the whole day?

No, we have what is called a ‘rolling’ start and finish.  This essentially means that you can drop your child off at kinder anytime between 8.30 – 9.30am, and then pick them up anytime between 3 – 4pm.  We find that most children are at kinder by 9am, and most children are picked up around 3.30pm.  This fits in nicely with primary school drop off and pick up for most families.


My child has a doctor’s appointment during kinder, what shall I do?

You are quite welcome to bring your child along to kinder, and then come back and take them to their appointment.  Or you can bring them after the appointment (if it is an early one), or pick them up early (if it is a late appointment).



We are going away for a few days and my child won’t be at kinder, do I have to tell you?

We would appreciate you telling us.  This way we know that they are not ill, and we can ask questions about where you have been when they get back.


My child is sick and isn’t coming to kinder, should I ring?

Yes please!!  If you ring and let us know why they are away, we can keep a note of it.  Sometimes we have a few children away at the one time, it is good to know if it is gastro or the like so as we can inform other families of any outbreak.  We can also ensure a bit more vigilance with hand washing and disinfecting.


My child is feeling a little under the weather.  They will be fine to play inside but not outside, can they come to kinder?

No, they cannot. If your child is to unwell to play outside then they shouldn’t be attending kinder.  One staff member cannot stay inside with a sick child.


My child has had an episode of vomiting and/or diarrhea, when can they return to kinder?

Your child cannot return to kinder until at least 48 hours after the last episode of vomiting and/or diarrhea, even if they are feeling much better.  You must wait the required 48 hours.


How much are the fees?

Please refer to the fees section in our information (web) page.


What qualifications do the staff have?

Kylie Broadbent is our kindergarten Director.  She has a Bachelor of  Early Childhood Education. Kylie has had a number of years experience in long day care and has been the director and teacher at Elsa Macleod for the last 2yrs

Jodi Parker has a Diploma of Children’s Services and is enrolled to complete her early childhood qualifications.  Jodi has two children and has 14 years experience as an assistant in both long day care and kinder settings.

Kristy has a Diploma of Children’s Services and is enrolled to complete her early childhood qualifications   Kristy has two children and 12 years experience as an assistant in both long day care and kinder settings.

Kirsten has a Diploma of Children’s Services and is enrolled to complete her early childhood qualifications   Kirsten 4 years experience as an assistant in both long day care and kinder settings.

We also regularly use a number of relief staff who have qualifications in the Diploma of Children’s Services.


What is the daily routine whilst the children are at kinder?

We follow the same routine, dependant on weather and special occassions.

8.30-9.30am: children arrive at kinder, inside free play

9.30-9.45am: fruit snack

9.45-11.15am: inside/outside  play

11.15-11.45am: whole group time, morning snack

11.45am-1pm: inside/outside  play

1-1.30pm: whole group time, lunch

1.30-3pm: inside/outside  play

3-4pm: whole group time, afternoon snack, quiet time before children leave for home


The kinder session finishes at 4pm, what if I am late to pick up my child?

If your child has not been collected from kinder 15 minutes after the end of a session staff will attempt to ring the parents.  If parents cannot be reached then staff will ring your emergency contacts to come and collect the child.  If an emergency contact cannot be reached your child will be taken to the local police station, whereupon they will keep the child safe until someone can be contacted to come and collect the child.

If you are going to be a little late please ring and let us know so that staff, and your child, do not worry.


Where does my child put their belongings?

Each child has a locker in the bathroom for their bag. They also have a locker (in the playroom) where their lunch box and drink bottle are placed.  There is also a container near the lockers for food that needs to be refrigerated.


My child’s birthday is coming up, can I bring along a cake?

Due to a high rate of allergies we only allow cupcakes for birthday celebrations.  You must also bring along an ingredient list.  The cupcakes will not be eaten at kinder but will be sent home with the kinder children.


I would like to hand out birthday invites at kinder, is that okay?

We would rather the staff hand out the invites discreetly.  Other children may get upset if they see invites being given out and they do not receive one.


I would like to organise a play date with one of my child’s kinder friends.  Can you give me their phone number?

Due to privacy reasons we cannot give out any personal information, phone numbers or email addresses of families that attend kinder.  We can however pass on your contact details and a message, to them, with your permission.


What sort of clothing should my child wear to kinder?

Children should wear clothing that can be easily managed by the child. Staff will try to ensure that your child’s clothing is protected during messy play, however clothes still get dirty in spite of smocks, so please send your child in clothes that are easily washedPlease put a complete change of spare clothes into your child’s kinder bag.  Singlets, sleeveless t-shirts and shoe string dresses are not suitable clothing for kinder.  Thongs and crocs are not suitable footwear for kindergarten as they make climbing and other activities difficult and dangerous.


Should I send along a warm jacket in the colder months?

Yes, by all means do so.  We will still play outside on cold and wet days.  We have a number of undercover areas outside to protect us from the rain and we adhere to the saying “there is no inappropriate weather, just inappropriate clothing.”


Do I need to put my child’s name on their belongings?

Yes.  With at least 29 children in each group it is easy to misplace things.  We encourage the children to put their belongings away but this does not always happen.  Please put their name on everything they bring along to kinder.  There is a lost property box in the foyer for unnamed items.


My child is starting kinder for the first time, what do I do?

On your child’s first day at kinder you must make sure:

ü  They have a kinder bag that has their name marked on it.

ü  They take a drink bottle clearly labelled with their name and filled with water.

ü  They take some fruit for morning fruit snack, and some food for a morning and afternoon snack (morning and afternoon snack for 4 yo sessions only)

ü  They take a sandwich and one other food item for lunch, in a lunch box that is clearly labelled with their name (four year old group only).


ü  They wear a sun hat (a requirement in Term 1 & 4)

ü  They wear appropriate clothing (see previous page)

ü  They have a set of spare clothes packed in their kinder bag

ü  That I have put sunscreen on them.


ü  That your child knows where they are going (to kinder) and that I display a positive attitude and tell them they will have a great time.

ü  That you sign your child ‘in’ in the attendance book (and then ‘out’ when I pick them up).

ü  Leave kinder by saying goodbye to your child and go and enjoy your free time-or time with other children, or time at work!!


When I ask my child about their kinder day, they don’t want to talk about it?

This is quite common for this age group.  And I am sure that at the end of a working day that you want to just rest and relax as well.  They will talk about their day when they are ready.


My child says they don’t have any friends at kinder and that they don’t play with anyone?

The majority of the time this is not true.  Your child will have a friendship group at kinder, as well as mixing with the whole group.  And sometimes children simply forget the names of who they played with.


How will I know what is going on at kinder?

We aim to establish a strong partnership between parents and staff for the benefit of your child.  The Director (Allison) is available to discuss any queries you may have.  You are more than welcome to contact the Director (Allison) for an appointment to discuss the progress of your child.

The foyer notice board and notice pockets  are the staff’s way of keeping you up to date with what is going on. Please check the notice board and allocated pockets regularly and ask your caregiver/baby-sitter to do this also. The kinder also communicates with parents through newsletters, emails, phone calls, profile books, and formal and informal conversations.


I am thinking about going on the kinder committee, what is involved?

The committee of our kindergarten is a Committee of Management who voluntarily elect to be part of their child’s education and actively participate in the running of the centre.  Staff are an important resource and asset for the Committee in the effective management of the centre, however they cannot have a position on the committee, nor can they vote on any decision.

The committee is the legally constituted body who are responsible for the management of the centre. It has to be financially responsible and maintain the viability of the centre. It is elected at the Annual General Meeting and members fill their positions for a 12 month term of office. Meetings are generally held one evening per month and all parents are welcome to attend.

Our committee consists of office bearers, namely President, Vice  President, Secretary, Treasurer, Fees Officer, Fundraising Coordinator as well as General Committee members. From the General Committee we form sub-committees such as fundraising and gardening maintenance.

At Elsa Macleod, we try to make the parents experience of being a part of the committee a positive one by including social functions amongst the monthly meetings, making it a great opportunity for parents to build friendships and discuss their children’s progress.


What will happen if there is an emergency at kinder?

In the event of a disaster, the children will be taken to the football oval behind the kinder. We regularly practice the disaster plan with the children.  When we practice an emergency evacuation we assemble at the back gate (leading onto the oval).  A copy of the plan is located in the foyer.


Do you have excursions and visitors to the kinder?

Local excursions and visitors are arranged for the children in order to add interest and educational value to the program.  Parents will be notified and written permission and payment sought when organising excursions.  We also welcome parents to attend sessions if they have a special skill.


I am unable to come along and be a parent helper-how else can I help out?

You can join the committee of management, offer to do the kinder washing, help out at working bees, or on excursions.

Fundraising by the kindergarten committee provides further funds for equipment, which benefits present and future children attending the kinder.  Even though we have a Fundraising Coordinator, and Fundraising Sub-Committee, we also appreciate any parent help that is offered.


My child needs to have medication whilst at kinder, can I just put it in their bag?

No, medication must be given to a staff member who will then put it in a safe place, out of the reach of children.  You must then fill in a ‘permission to give medication’ form so as staff can give the medication.  Even lip balm, sunscreen, and the like, must be given to staff and not left in your child’s kinder bag.